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About us

Vintjänsten 2004 ApS is the leading direct seller of quality wines into the Swedish market. We work a bit differently as we mainly sell wines directly to the final customer in Sweden. Our customers expect the highest quality and value wines and as such we carefully select the best small to medium sized producers from around the world as our trusted partners. Vintjänsten 2004 ApS qualifies its suppliers based upon a number of factors including:

  • Reliable and consistent quality wine with character
  • Provides good value at the relevant price point
  • Producer follows environmentally sensible practices in all areas of its business
  • High level of communication and professionalism in regards to packaging, logistics and documentation
  • We enjoy working with each other

If you are interested in presenting your wines to us, please contact us at: together with a price list.

If we decide to do business together then the below mutual understand will be agreed: Vintjänsten 2004 ApS works with a selected group of wine producers around the world for its private customers in Sweden via our warehouse in Koege, Denmark. The supplier-customer relationship is an important one to us which has expectations on both sides.